Sunstones Info

Sunstones, Natures Creation

Oregon Sunstone is a naturally occurring gemstone created by nature – pure, radiant and simply beautiful! These stones were formed and crystallized in ancient volcanic flows where copper was one of the existing elements.

The colors range from “water clear”, “champagne”, “soft pinks”, “blood red”, “green” and “teal blue”. Some of the deeper colored stones have bands of varying colors and show different colors when viewed from different directions. Some of the pinkish orange colored stones are called “Schiller”and it is said that they contain their own “natural light source.” Sunstones measure 6.5 to 7.2 on the MOH’s hardness scale making them a very wearable gemstone.

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Oregon Sunstones Reveal Your Inner Radiance

Oregon Sunstone Jewels sells quality, handcrafted jewelry that enhances your natural beauty. We mine and sell natural, untreated Oregon sunstones. Each stone is unique and the list of characteristics and therapeutic traits for Oregon Sunstones include good fortune, healing, warmth, openness, creativity, leadership and positive attitude. Some cultures believe that Sunstones contain a piece of the sun. With unparalleled beauty, our gemstones are perfect for completing your favorite outfits and getting your day off to a glowing start!

We are a small independent miner and we pride ourselves on having our jewelry made in the USA with quality gold and sterling silver settings. Since we are limited to the quantities and colors of stones that we find, it is always a surprise when you browse our inventory.

Oregon Sunstone Jewels is your source for quality sunstone jewelry. Contact our mining company at (503) 519 8810 to order authentic Oregon Sunstones.