About Oregon Sunstone Jewels

Oregon Sunstone Jewels is dedicated to providing responsibly mined, natural, untreated sunstones. We are committed to upholding the integrity of Oregon sunstones through our mining practices and our support and membership in the Oregon Sunstone Miners Association. We are a small, independent mining company that carefully digs by hand through the pumice, rocks, and dirt at the mine in the Rabbit Basin near Plush in the Oregon Desert. We spend our time sorting through the earth and rocks, and, on occasion, find some truly spectacular, one-of-a-kind stones!

We specialize in rare, unique, untreated, authentic, and natural Oregon Sunstones. Every stone we find is unique and beautiful in its own way with an array of color that seems endless! We love these stones and it is our privilage to share them with you. Our hope is that you will enjoy their beauty as much as we do.

Across Cultures

Native Americans used these transparent, glittering gems as trading stones and to enhance their medicine wheels as well as in sacred bundles and burial sites. History also mentions that they were traded to Vikings who used them as navigational stones.

Sunstones are said to have healing properties, project personal power, freedom, expanded consciousness, mental clarity, openness, benevolence, and strength. They are said to reflect the quality of “Solar Light” more than any other stone on Earth.

Product Availability

We sell our Oregon sunstones faceted, rough, uncut, and in finished jewelry pieces. Due to the unique nature of our products, our inventory is subject to what we can find! Our large selection of stones ranges from a very small 2mm, all the way up to 75 carats.

Creative Artisans

We never know what we will find next! We are not able to list every product on our site so please call or email us for availability and special order requests.
Our jewelry is made by Willamette Artisians of Eugene, Oregon. They are talented goldsmiths who specialize in unique pieces of handcrafted jewelry. Each piece is made with sterling silver or gold. We do not use any plated or filled metals.

From faceted gemstones to finished jewelry, Oregon Sunstone Jewels has it all. Contact us at (503) 519 8810 to learn more about our inventory.

Oregon’s Beauty

The Official Gemstone for Oregon, USA

While sunstones are found in other parts of the world, only Oregon has the naturally occurring stone composition that produces such a magnificent display of color combinations. Some of the deeper colored stones have bands of varying colors and show different colors when viewed from varying angles. Some of the pinkish, orange-colored stones are called “Schiller” – and it is said that they contain their own “natural light source.” Other colors include: Water Clear – Champagne – Soft Pinks – Blood Red – Green – Teal Blue